Live Online Roulette Strategy

Playing roulette on the internet can be very entertaining; the thrill of taking a bet and making a win is a great feeling. For this reason many roulette players search online trying to find he best live online roulette strategies only to be confronted with a bunch of systems that people want you to buy off them. Because roulette is a game of chance no one can really guarantee you anything, if this was true the casinos wouldn’t make any money and the game would be removed. A good live online roulette strategy is to stay away from these systems as you can find virtually anything you want to online with a bit of perseverance.In a game of complete chance planning a strategy does not always work, but with a bit of careful observation, playing and money management you can improve your odds. There are many different live online roulette strategies to choose from but the first and most obvious one is to pick a European wheel to play on. This is because the European roulette wheel has one less zero pocket on it than the American wheel with its double zero’s, this means there is one less pocket on the wheel to worry about.The oldest roulette strategy came about around the same time as the game back in the 18th century, the Martingale system works on two theories, the first part suggests that you can’t loose all of the time for ever. For this reason if a bet is lost it is doubled up next time so eventually you will win and get your money back. This live online roulette strategy is one of the best but can have its faults as you can soon reach the tables betting limit in which case you end up losing. When using this system it is a good idea to start out small and watch for any patterns. As an example the theory suggests red can’t loose all of the time, so if 5 or more than 5 black numbers have just come out you could start using the system on red.Because roulette is such a fun game it can make the time pass very quickly, so another live online roulette strategy is to set yourself a playing time limit, if you have not made a profit in your set time then maybe lady luck isn’t with you that night and its time to stop playing, however if you have made a profit you can finish the game on a high.

What Makes You Win Online Roulette? Roulette Systems Vs. Roulette Software (Part 1)

Online roulette game could bring you a lot of fun if you can even earn easy money through it constantly.When you search on the internet, you will find there are so many roulette systems and strategies or tips which claim themselves to be the best or to even beat the house edge. You will also find there are more and more roulette software on the market.Which one to choose? Do you really believe they can beat the house edge?One thing is for sure that you will never be able to beat the house edge with any of them. Because otherwise there is no reason why casino still exists and becomes one of the only two industries which still make big profit in US in today’s economy.Why are there way more roulette systems on the market than roulette software?It’s simply because most of people can only write an eBook and explain their ways of winning roulette once a while. They call it roulette system. While only a few of them are capable of software programming which actually put their system and program it into software. They call it roulette software or roulette betting software sometimes.Software is more smart and efficient in winning roulette even if it’s just an executable roulette system which most of them falls into. It’s simply because computers are more efficient in doing jobs that need to collect lots of information (data) and processing them in a very quick manner, so that it will come up with more accurate and consistent results. These kinds of jobs are usually very boring and sophisticated for human brains to do them.However, individuals can take advantage of some really working roulette software to win some extra easy cash. But the challenge is to find the one that really works for any roulette any time.

History of Roulette

Roulette is considered to be a very popular casino game all over the world. Its presence is constant across borders as one can play roulette whether in Las Vegas or in many areas in Europe.The game is very simple and easy to understand and to be liked by anyone across varied social standings, age and even across gender. Knowing a little about the history of roulette is a good way to start learning and enjoying the game.With the advent of online casinos one can enjoy the pleasure of being able to play casino games in the comfort of their very own homes. Even in this virtual location, roulette is one of the crowd’s favorites. The simple rules and mechanics paired off with the chances of getting a shot at a winning streak or two are exciting additions to the whole package.Blaise Pascal, who has been known to us as one of the best mathematicians and scientists of all time, was actually one of the first proponents of the roulette tables that are scattered in all the casino locations we can get to. In his then ultimate source of the machine of perpetual motion, he accidentally presented a variation of the present casino roulette.The history of roulette goes back a long way indeed. The way it is presently being played is how it has been played ever since 1796 in Paris, France. A description of the roulette wheel includes that of the house pockets and the layout.The description can be found in a book that was published in 1801. When the regulations for New France or Quebec were published, there was a reference to roulette where it was banned along with the games of dice, faro and hoca.In the German town of Homburg, two Frenchmen set up a single 0 style of roulette wheel game in 1843. This was a unique feature to compete with the traditional wheels of single and double zero house pockets that were offered by the other casinos in the area.The earlier forms of American roulette showcased numbers 1 to 28 along with a single and double zero as well as an American eagle. If the ball landed on any of the zeros or the eagle the banker swept everything off the table.Due to cheating in the earlier years of the roulette wheels in the United States, the wheel was designed to be on top of a table in order to keep it away from having certain devices placed in the table or the wheel. The whole layout was simplified in the long run. This marked the beginning of the American version of roulette.The history of roulette is far from being all-American considering how its humble beginnings are rooted in the annals of the French lifestyle. However, more and more casinos and roulette wheels are being set up all over America that it might not be so hard for most people to think that the roulette game actually started as an American game.