5 Ways to Lose in Roulette

Roulette is a very popular casino game. One of the reasons for this is that the game can get so exciting during every spin. In addition, roulette is one casino game that can be very easy to win, a feature that has actually become one of the game’s primary selling points. Indeed, it’s more of the potential profit than the fun that has attracted people to the game.As it is easy to win in roulette, what with some 47% winning odds, it will be quite pointless and cliché for us to offer tips to profit in the game. That’s not to mention the possibility that another “roulette tips” article will most likely end up a facsimile of what was written by many other authors in the past. For a change, here are five good ways to lose in roulette, some of which you’ll probably recognize as familiar experiences.1. Making straight up bets.Straight bets, for those who didn’t know, are those placed on individual numbers on the roulette board. These are also known as single bets for that very reason. Now these bets are known as those with the highest pay outs in roulette, paying 35 times the winning amount – that’s the same for all versions of roulette. However, a single bet has 1:37 to 1:38 chances of coming up, making this a very unwise losing bet where one can potentially spend a lot for a minuscule chance of profit.2. Pushing your bankroll’s limits.Another way to lose in roulette is playing beyond your actual means. While there are really lucky individuals who’d enter a winning streak, some people just can’t help but lose a lot to the point that they’ll come to almost finishing up their bankroll. Playing beyond this and doing whatever you can to increase your bankroll in order to play further – mostly by borrowing from friends or tapping other financial resources – can help you lose the game, badly and with some debt on the side.3. Using bad roulette systems.Not all systems are profitable. There are those that can barely make profit or rely so much on the so-called Gambler’s Fallacy, an assumption that makes a point the presence of a supposed pattern in the roulette wheel. These systems do not straightaway lead one to a dreaded loss and may even give an illusion of winning as the negative effects tend to show up in the long run.4. Betting on all numbers.Betting on all numbers is simply put utter foolishness and is one of the best and sure ways to lose in a roulette game. The reason is simple: covering all 37 or 38 numbers including the zeros will get you no more than 35 times the amount you’ve put on the winning number, as you are obliged to give back a small portion of your win to the house. Assuming that you’ve covered the board evenly, doing this will allow you to lose two or three units per spin, depending on which version you play.5. Betting on two even-money bets of the same kind.This losing method is similar to the previous item and is considered another foolish bet. An even-money bet can only win one unit, yielding you zero profit. In the worst case, neither bet wins once the ball hits zero.Follow one of these methods if you’re the type who loves to donate money to the casino. Some of these may not be sure ways to lead you to a loss, but can still significantly increase your chances of getting one.