Toy Car That Runs on Water – Tomorrow’s Technology is Already Here Today

Toy car that runs on water is something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Not really though, for it is now a reality which you can find in many market shelves. There are many leading toy manufacturers who have come out with models that actually use water to fuel them. All this has been possible due to the rapid developments in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The water in these toys is converted into a form of hydrogen which is then used to propel the vehicles. With toy cars that run on water you no longer need to worry about recharging batteries or gasoline costs. All that you need to do is to use some tap water and let your kids enjoy for hours together.

The working mechanism of these cars is actually very simple. If you take a closer look, you will find a conversion kit installed in these cars. These conversion kits are the ones that convert water into HHO or Brown’s gas, which is nothing but a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. The conversion process happens due to electrolyisis. The Brown’s gas that is produced is then introduced into the engine’s combustion chambers. The resultant mixture of gasoline and HHO is a potent combination, which improves the torque, as well the power of the engine. It also significantly improves the fuel efficiency of the car.

The technology that is used in a toy car that runs on water is something that has been in existence for over thirty years now. It is only recently that people have been able to harness its power for running cars. Not only does it help in improving fuel efficiency, it also helps in improving the overall performance of the engine, since it is a cleaner source of energy, which also cleans up carbon deposits found inside the engine of the toy cars.

Internet Technology & Rise of Google Video

Video sites are made available for many people with the recent advancement of internet technologies. The internet connection like broadband had made viewing videos online comfortable. Computer hardware being more affordable has also resulted in the surge of new internet users & they sure like video!

Comedy Variety on Google Video

Google Video is one of the most popular online video sites. Thanks to the large storage capacity so common of Google. Google Video has a very large collection of videos which makes the site very popular. There are a large variety of videos available on the site. The videos are sorted in categories like comedy, music videos, & television shows. Comedy videos are very popular online. In comedy it self therein are many issues & topics. Mocking popular figures, sports bloopers, funny pets, & etc provide many people good laughs when taking a break from work, relaxing & etc. Regardless of the comedy video on Google Video, it is likely that one will laugh while watching them.

Music & Television Videos on Google Video

Music videos are another of the many categories that you can find on Google Video. The videos consist of music videos from well known artists & also from less well known musicians. Some of the music videos at Google Video are free of charge to view while some requires a fee. The fess is usually about $2 or less. Another popular video category on Google Video is Television shows. They offer full length versions of favorite television shows. Also available are shows for children. Viewing them is similar to music videos as some are free to view while some require a small fee.

Sports Videos on Google Video

Sports videos can be found on Google Video. In one way or another, the videos are associated with sports. The selection includes videos of amazing plays, interviews with athletes, sports recap, & etc. The sports covered are vast like basketball, baseball, football, soccer, & bike racing. Watch out for the daily specials where free showings of normally paid to view videos are presented at Google Video. Whether you are watching paid or free videos, Google Video has plenty of categories to keep one glued to the computer monitor & coming back for more!


Video is a form of online entertainment much like viewing movies in the cinema but with less visual quality but more human interaction between the video poster & viewers in the form of comments. Anyone can create, upload, & share their videos. One such popular video site named Google Video is owned by the internet giant company that needs no introduction, Google. There are a huge amount of videos on the site.